Powder Coating

Powder Coating.

Online & Offline Powder Coating

We have a large format conveyorized paint line with a 4000mm capacity and a 2000x1200mm opening. The powder is applied using automatic reciprocators for high quality consistent film thicknesses. For the harder to reach areas we have manual touching in windows and application guns all equipment is supplied by market leaders Gema & Wagner.

For larger products we have an off-line booth measuring 5500mm in length with a 2200x2300mm opening. This is fed by a custom built overhead conveyor system for heavy fabrications.

Shot blasting.

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Blasting

We can offer a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous shot blasting in-house with both aluminium oxide and chilled iron blasting each with a dedicated 10000x4500x3000mm high booth

For detailed finishing we have a Guyson blast cabinet stocked with several medias for a variety of surface finishes confirmed by in house surface roughness measuring.

Shot Blasting
Wet Paint

Wet Paint.

NACE Level 3 Certification

With a dedicated unit specializing in providing coating services to predominantly NORSOK standards with NACE level 3 certification. We have in-house capacity to draft our own paint procedures and select the appropriate paint system to ensure a coating that will stand up to rigourous inspection.

We have two spray bake wet paint ovens, one 8000 x 3000 x 3000mm and the other 10000 x 4500 x 3000mm plus two wet back spray booths.

Finishing Plant List

Minden Tunnel Oven Gas Recirc 4000x2000x1000mm 2002
Minden Online Spray Booth - 6000mm 2002
4 x Gema Reciprocating powder guns Optiflex - 2010
3 x Sprint Powder coating machine Sprint X - 2016
3 x Gema Powder Hand Gun Optiflex - 2016
Powder coating Box Cure Oven Gas Recirc - 1992
Powder coating filter booth - 6000mm 2008
Todds Spray/Bake Wet Paint oven Spartan 8000x3000x3000mm 2013
Todds Spray/Bake Wet Paint oven Spartan 10000x4500x3000mm 2013
3 x Devilbliss Spray Gun Advanced pressure pot - 2014
Shot blasting booth Aluminium Oxide 4000x2000x2000mm 2013
Shot blasting booth Chilled Iron 1000x4500x3500mm 2013
Guyson Blast Cabinet EuroBlast 8 1050x880x1825mm 2016
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