Powder Coating

Powder Coating.

With 6 stage pre-treatment

Bridmet boast a large format conveyorised paint plant capacble of handling parts up to 4000x2250x1000mm weighing up to 600kg All parts go through a 6 stage pre-treatment process to remove any contaminants and futher protect and enhance the powder top coat.

The system also features a Gema magic cyclinder with 8 size detecting reciprocating guns, powder re-circulation system and automatic colour changing to reduce setup times.

Shot blasting.

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Blasting

We can offer a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous shot blasting in-house with both aluminium oxide and chilled iron blasting each with a dedicated 10000x4500x3000mm high booth

For detailed finishing we have a Guyson blast cabinet stocked with several medias for a variety of surface finishes confirmed by in house surface roughness measuring.

Shot Blasting
Wet Paint

Wet Paint.

NACE Level 3 Certification

With a dedicated unit specializing in providing coating services to predominantly NORSOK standards with NACE level 3 certification. We have in-house capacity to draft our own paint procedures and select the appropriate paint system to ensure a coating that will stand up to rigourous inspection.

We have two spray bake wet paint ovens, one 8000 x 3000 x 3000mm and the other 10000 x 4500 x 3000mm plus two wet back spray booths.

Finishing Plant Highlights

TD Finishing Paintline With 5 stage pre-treatment 4000x2500x1000mm 2018
Gema Magic Cylinder 8 Reciprocating Powder Guns 600kg 2018
Todds Spray/Bake Wet Paint oven Spartan 8000x3000x3000mm 2013
Todds Spray/Bake Wet Paint oven Spartan 10000x4500x3000mm 2013
Shot blasting booth Aluminium Oxide 4000x2000x2000mm 2013
Shot blasting booth Chilled Iron 1000x4500x3500mm 2013
Guyson Blast Cabinet EuroBlast 8 1050x880x1825mm 2016