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Light Fabrication Light Fabrication Light Fabrication Light Fabrication Light Fabrication Light Fabrication

Light Fabrication.

Where it all began.

Light fabrication is where Bridmet all began, we have evolved from custom railings and staircases for local companies to a supplier of welded assemblies for the military, medical and semi-conductor sectors.

With 10 welding bays and a host of fabrication machinery including spot welding, radial and pillar drills, plasma torches and band saws. This coupled with our highly skilled and experienced employees we are able to provide a fabricated solution to meet your needs.

Heavy Fabrication.

A wealth of experience.

Bridmet has developed a wealth of experience in large fabrications.

From glass recycling machines, carbon fibre forming machines for aircraft wing spars, to outdoor housing for electrical inverters and structural steel work for access platforms.

With 7tonne forklift capacity and a 5tonne overhead gantry we can handle some seriously large fabrications and assemblies.

Heavy Fabrication Heavy Fabrication Heavy Fabrication Heavy Fabrication Heavy Fabrication Heavy Fabrication
Assembly Assembly Assembly Assembly Assembly Assembly


39000ft2 dedicated assembly unit.

We have a 39000ft2 dedicated assembly unit with high ceilings, various pieces of lifting equipment and huge array of hand and compressed air tools.

We have decades of assembly experience, from smaller units such as vending and gaming machines to 12m water tight research equipment and entire glass recycling plants.

We are also heavily involved in the acoustic industry, producing acoustic louvres, panels, doors and full acoustic enclosures. We can also supply the support steelwork post and perlin rails.

Fabrication Plant Highlights

2015 x MIG Plants 180-500amp - -
7 x DC TIG PLants 150-250amp - -
4 x 360° spot welders PW - -
Lincoln Electric Tomahawk Inverter Plasma 25mm mild steel - -
Emmergi Twin Head CNC Saw Orion - -
Roscamat Tapping Arm Tiger Pantograph - -
Roscamat Tapping Arm Mosquito Pantograph - -
2 x Band Saw 450mm diameter - 2008
2 x Chop Saw 350mm diameter - 2001
2 x Studwelding Capacity Discharge M8 - -
Geka hydracrop 70 tonne - 2004
RPA NC Tube bender 48mm diameter - 2013
2 x Edwards Rollers 2” & 6” diameter at 4ft -
Morgan Rushworth Powered Rollers 46mm diameter at 1mtr -
RCA Vertical Bandfacer 4” width - 2005