What we are doing

Bridmet are committed to helping fight the spread of COVID-19, in protecting our staff and providing continuity of supply to our customers. Please take the time to review our current and future planned control measures and suggestions for aiding a continued supply of goods to our customers. As events unfold, we will adapt our plan and this document will continue to evolve.

Current Control Measures

Educating staff:      (Click to expand)
We are working closely with all of our staff, communicating the risks and advising what steps they can take to avoid the risk of infection. Along with the following measures we are encouraging use of gloves, social distancing and small working groups.
Increased Hygiene:
Inline with advice from Public Health England we are enforcing increased hygiene measures throughout the business. This includes increased handwashing, provision of additional hand sanitising stations and a continuous cleaning regime throughout our sites.
Restricting visits:
Any essential visitors such as maintenance engineers will be required to adhere to our enhanced practices outlined in this document. Should you need to visit Bridmet, please call in advance to discuss an appointment.
Flexible working conditions:
To encourage indirect staff to self-isolate without losing pay we are enabling remote/home working. For direct staff we are offering loan hours, guaranteeing full pay during isolation. Upon return to work loan hours are to be repaid through additional hours or holiday sacrifice. In addition, we are extending opening hours from 6am to 8pm allowing flexitime to assist parents with young children.
Goods in: For the foreseeable future we are restricting contact between delivery drivers and our goods in staff.

Goods out: Our drivers will adhere to any restrictions at customer sites, they will also be issued with hand sanitiser and single use gloves.
Health monitoring:
We will carry out daily health checks which will include temperature monitoring. We have also requested transparency in international travel.

Continuity of supply

Continuity of supply is critical for both Bridmet and our customers alike. We ask that you take the time to review the following suggestions so that we can work together to minimise disruption. If you would like to discuss any of these points please contact your account manager.

Supply chain:
We are communicating with our supply chain to identify and mitigate any potential risk. We are taking steps to increase our own stock holding and ensure continuity.
Forward order visibilty:
We are asking for increased forward order visibility from our customers. This will help us plan the supply of raw materials and manufacturing resources during times of possible disruption.
Increased stock holding:
Bridmet are able to offer increased storage at our assembly/distribution warehouse.
Payment terms:
We are asking for good communication between accounts departments to ensure prompt payments to support cashflow, this will keep the supply chains flowing.

Further actions

Our senior management team are constantly reviewing any developments and assessing our plans accordingly. We are currently preparing for the following actions should they be deemed necessary.

Enforced home working:
When necessary we will enforce remote/home working for our indirect staff, we have made provisions to ensure all IT services including business phone lines are available externally.
Segregated Split Shifts:
When deemed necessary we will adopt a split shift system of 4 days on and 4 days off with the factory opening 7 days per week. This will decrease the exposure pool whilst maintaining productive hours.
Apprentice day release:
When necessary we will suspended college release for all of our apprentices.