A UK sub-contract manufacturer of metal components and assemblies.

We have extensive experience serving industries including medical, aerospace, recycling, renewable energy, architectural, military and communications.

Unlike many manufacturing companies, Bridmet have a very strong design and engineering base driving the front of the business. This coupled with a comprehensive range of facilities allow us to offer a turn key service. At Bridmet we offer a complete metal design and installation service which includes, sheet metalwork, machined components, fabrication and finishing.

If you have a project that you feel we could help with, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Continuous investment programme

Looking forwards to the future we will continue to invest in the very best technology and facilities. This enables us not only to offer new services, but also bring more processes in house and under our own control ensuring lead times and quality goals are met. This allows us to deliver greater value to all our customers on an ongoing basis.

Quality is embedded in everything we do

We are a process driven company. From the route cards, through to bills of materials, shop floor data capture, quality plans, production schedules, through the adoption of the quality management system and procedures required by ISO 9001: 2015. This, driven by a passion for excellence, gives us the tools to perform in the most challenging of industries.

The reason behind our success

Bridmet have grown year on year for over a decade, from a standing start in 2005, we are proud to employ some of the most talented and committed engineers and technicians within the engineering sector. Utilizing third party training to promote good practices, as well as running an apprentice programme in conjunction with local colleges, ensures we have a strong pipeline of talent feeding into the business at grass roots level.

Pushing our systems forward

We are also heavily invested in software and control systems to monitor and schedule our activities. With a large proportion of our production CNC driven, we are always striving to improve the methods by which we interpret and translate your designs. This ensures we produce high tolerance parts, correct to drawing, on time – first time.

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ISO 9001 Accredited.

Over the last 10 years we have injected a quality management system throughout the business. Using the ISO9001 framework, paired with a strong quality management team and departmental supervisors quality is embedded within everything we do.

All of our manufacturing instructions are colour coded to ensure the appropriate level of quality and inspection is enforced. Using this and such methods as first off inspection, peer checking, go/no-go gauges we continually monitor our production. All of our staff are trained to constantly use visual indicators to monitor the quality of what they are producing.

For any raw materials or sub-contract processes we use a fully audited supply chain. All of our raw material can be supplied with certificate of conformity and traced to source. Our internal business management software maintains these records, linking them from purchase order to contract to each individual part ensuring full batch traceability. All of this information plus our manufacturing records are digitally maintained.

We are constantly training our operators using national standards including coded welding to ensure they are qualified and competent in their field. Our inspection department can produce certificates of conformity, process records and first article inspection reports (FAIR’s) upon request which can be tailored to your requirement.

Quality Policy ISO Certificate


Modern & Well Equipped.

A well equipped inspection department with devices accurate to 7 micrometers including a 12ft Faro Arm and a Trimos height gauge, this is paired with inspectors with 50 years of experience

Faro Arm


Within our arsenal is a fully certified and calibrated, 7 axis, 12ft, Faro Arm. This machine, accurate to within .051mm can be used on large assemblies due to its reposition capability. Its features include CAD-to-part comparison, geometry checks, reverse engineering, surface inspection, 3D modelling and alignment checks.

Height Gauge


For smaller parts we invested in a V4, 700mm Trimos height gauge, this is very adaptable and fast to use whilst still being accurate to 7 micrometers. It is equipped with a second probe holder as well as an air cushion for easy movement on the measuring table, a 1200x900mm Grade A Granite surface table.